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Unit: Fabricating cabinets

Section: Manufactured boards

MSFKB3005: Fabricate cabinets for the built-in environment

Competencies covered

MSFKB3005: Fabricate cabinets for the built-in environment


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Manufactured board products used in kitchen and bathroom cabinets are generally made from reconstituted wood.

The boards are called 'manufactured' because the wood fibres are processed and re-built in some way, unlike solid timber which is simply cut straight from a log.

They are also often used as the substrate, or core, in a laminated or veneered board product.

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Most manufactured boards are more stable than solid timber.

That is, they swell and shrink less as the air humidity changes, and tend to stay straighter and flatter because they don't have internal stresses pulling in different directions.

They are also available in large sheets which can be cut back to any finished size.

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The choice of which board product you should use for a particular job will depend on a range of factors.

These include how strong it needs to be, what fasteners will be used, how much moisture it will be exposed to, and of course, the level of quality that the client is prepared to pay for.

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In this section, we'll examine four common board products used in cabinet construction.

We'll discuss their properties, typical end uses and main advantages and disadvantages.

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Completing this section

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The assignment for this section is designed to test your knowledge of the board products and surface finishes used in kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Have a look at the Assignment now to see what you'll need to do to complete it.

Also in the menu bar are links to the six lessons for this section:

  • Particleboard

  • Medium density fibreboard

  • Plywood

  • Hardboard

  • Surface treatments

  • Manual handling.

These lessons will provide you with background information relevant to the assignment.

The Just for fun exercise is a questionnaire designed to get you thinking about some of the manual handling issues you're likely to face when working with board products.

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