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Unit: Installation requirements

Section: Services and design

MSFKB3002: Determine requirements for installation

Competencies covered

MSFKB3002: Determine requirements for installation


Your trainer may ask you to complete this assignment as one of the assessment requirements for this unit. For more information about the assessment process and advice on what to do if you need help with your reading and writing, click on the link below.

Assessment requirements

Assignment for Section 3: Services and design

Let's assume that you're going to renovate the kitchen or bathroom in your own home, or in the home of a friend or relative. Your task is to carry out a site assessment and collect the information you'll need to prepare for the project.

For this assignment, there is no need to take detailed measurements on the positions of power and water outlets, or to check floor levels and wall angles. We will cover these aspects in later units.

When you have completed the checklist, you should take several digital photos of the kitchen or bathroom to submit as part of the assignment.

Doc (76 KB) Site assessment checklist

Click on the link above to go to the Word document checklist you will need to complete. You should fill in your answers on-screen and then either:

  • print out a hard copy to send to your trainer by post

  • save the file electronically to submit to your trainer as an email attachment.

Site assessment checklist

The checklist template will ask you to provide the following details:


1. Type: State the room that the site assessment is being carried out on - e.g. kitchen, main bathroom, ensuite bathroom.

2. Plan: Draw a plan view of the room, showing all doorways and windows. Mark the lengths of the walls, as well as door and window openings.

(Note that there is no need to show cabinets, appliances or other installations on the plan. For the purposes of this exercise, we will assume that all fittings will be removed as part of the renovation.)


3. Sub-floor structure: Describe the sub-floor - e.g. concrete slab on ground, suspended concrete slab, timber joists with particleboard sheet flooring.

4. Floor covering: Describe the floor covering - e.g. solid timber strip flooring, cork tiles, vinyl tiles, ceramic tiles.


5. Wall structure: Describe the internal wall construction - e.g. cement render on brickwork, timber frame lined with gyprock.

6. Wall finish: Describe the surface and finish - e.g. ceramic tiles fixed to villaboard, painted gyprock, painted cement render.

7. Windows: Describe the type of windows - e.g. timber, aluminium.


8. Ceiling structure: Describe the ceiling structure - e.g. gyprock fixed to timber joists, suspended concrete slab.


9. Lights: State the number and types of lights - e.g. one 1200 mm double fluorescent fitting in middle of ceiling, 4 recessed down lights in ceiling.

10. Power points: State the number and location of power points - e.g. two double power points over bench top plus one single power point under sink (for dishwasher), one double power point inside vanity cabinet.


11. Outlets: State the number and types of outlets - e.g. hot and cold outlets over kitchen sink plus cold outlet under bench top for dishwasher.

12. Wastewater: Describe the number and types of wastewater pipes - e.g. one sink/dishwasher outlet, one vanity basin plus two floor wastes plus one toilet.

Hazardous substances

13. Hazardous substances: State whether you think there might be any hazardous substances, such as asbestos fibro wall linings or lead-based paint

Site access

14. Room location: Describe the room location in the building - e.g. ground floor at rear of the house, adjoining the living room in a second floor apartment.

15. Room access: Describe the access way, and any issues that might cause a problem - e.g. direct access from backward through rear sliding door (900 mm wide), access through two flights of stairs with middle landing (900 mm wide).

16. Vehicle access: Describe the access for delivery trucks and tradespeople's vehicles - e.g. side driveway with plenty of parking at rear of house, street parking only with 2 hour limit.

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