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Unit: Installation requirements

Section: Services and design

MSFKB3002: Determine requirements for installation

Competencies covered

MSFKB3002: Determine requirements for installation

Recording information

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Building plans often specify the overall measurements for kitchen and bathroom bench tops and cabinets.

But you can't rely on them for your actual working dimensions.

The only sure way to be sure that your units are going to fit properly and finish professionally is to physically check all the relevant measurements on site.

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A good way of recording measurements and construction details is to sketch the floor plan and elevations, filling in the measurements as you go.

The drawings should include:

  • Cabinets and bench tops

  • doors and windows

  • water pipes and waste pipes

  • electrical outlets for appliances and power points

  • vents and other features.
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Learning activity

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Does the floor plan shown in the previous photo look familiar? These are the layout details that the installer recorded before he physically started the job.

Ask your work supervisor whether you can have a look at examples of sketches that your installers have done on the job. Have a look at the measurements noted and the sorts of details recorded. If there are any abbreviations you don't understand, find out what they mean.

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