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Unit: Processes in K&B projects

Section: Trades and services

MSFKB3001: Identify processes in kitchen and bathroom projects

Competencies covered

MSFKB3001: Identify processes in kitchen and bathroom projects


Your trainer may ask you to complete this assignment as one of the assessment requirements for this unit. For more information about the assessment process and advice on what to do if you need help with your reading and writing, click on the link below.

Assessment requirements

Assignment for Section 1: Trades and services

The following pieces of equipment are commonly used in kitchen and bathroom installations. For each one, name the item, describe its main purpose, and identify the trade (or trades) that are most likely to use it.

Doc (396 KB) Table for equipment details

Click on the link above to go to the Word version of the table you should use to write up the details. You should fill in your answers on-screen and then either:

  • print out a hard copy to send to your trainer by post

  • save the file electronically to submit to your trainer as an email attachment.

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