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Unit: Processes in K&B projects

Section: Manufacturing processes

MSFKB3001: Identify processes in kitchen and bathroom projects

Competencies covered

MSFKB3001: Identify processes in kitchen and bathroom projects


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Although the basic functions of kitchens and bathrooms haven't changed for a long time, designs and product features certainly have.

This is largely due to technological advancements in both materials and manufacturing processes.

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Over the years, a range of engineered wood products have been developed, including particleboard, medium density fibreboard (MDF) and plywood.

Various synthetic veneers, such as melamine and plastic-based laminates, have also been developed.

And there have been many design innovations in hinges, drawer slides and other hardware items.

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The tools and equipment used by cabinetmakers have also evolved over the years.

Most workshops now have some form of computer numerical controlled (CNC) machinery.

There are also specific tools and processes required to work with the materials and specialist hardware items now commonly used.

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In this section, we'll look at the main materials and construction methods and provide a brief overview of the way they have developed over the years.

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Completing this section

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The assignment for this section asks you to describe four tools or machines that you use at work and explain their main functions. Have a look at the assignment now to see what you'll need to do to complete it.

Also in the menu bar are links to the three lessons for this section:

  • Changing designs

  • Cabinet construction

  • Materials and processes

Before you move on to the next section, try the Just for fun exercise to see if you can identify each of the joint types shown.

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