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Unit: Installation requirements

Section: Site assessment

MSFKB3002: Determine requirements for installation

Competencies covered

MSFKB3002: Determine requirements for installation

Site safety

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Safety requirements for different building sites vary, depending on the size of the jobsite and the types of work being carried out.

For example, a small renovation in a person's home will be quite different from a high rise commercial development.

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Obviously, the need to work safely never changes - your number one concern should always be to finish the day as fit and healthy as you began it.

But the compliance requirements will vary according to the scale of the project and the range of activities going on around you.

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Personal protective equipment

Some items of personal protective equipment (PPE) are generally only needed when you're using a certain machine or doing a particular task. These include dust masks, safety glasses and gloves. Your company will have policies on these items of PPE, and will specify their use in the safe operating procedures (SOPs) for those activities.

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Other items of PPE are general site requirements.

If you normally work in a small workshop, the only site requirement may be to wear steel capped boots when you're out on the factory floor.

In a noisy area you might also be required to wear hearing protection.

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However, when you go to the client's jobsite to carry out a measure-up and site assessment, there may be other requirements you need to comply with.

On a large project you may have to wear a hard hat, high visibility vest and safety boots before you're allowed to walk on-site.

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White card

The White Card is the accreditation you receive from WorkCover once you've completed the Construction Induction Certificate. This short course is compulsory for all people who work on building sites.

Previously, different states and territories around Australia used different colours for the cards they issued. So you may still hear people calling it the Green Card or referring to it as some other colour.

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Whenever you're on-site you should carry the White Card with you, just in case you're asked to produce it by a builder or inspector.

If you're going to a commercial jobsite, you're sure to be asked for it at the site office when you sign in.

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Learning activity

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Click on the link below to see some common safety signs found on commercial building sites. The blue ones apply to PPE that must be worn by everyone who enters that area. The other signs provide information and hazard warnings.

Do you know what they all mean? Ask your supervisor or trainer to explain any of the signs that you're not sure about.

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Common safety signs

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